“I had the honor and pleasure of receiving an NLP session from Meagan Robles in August of 2019. The session was transformational and exhilarating. Ms. Robles was professional and highly knowledgeable in taking me through the process of eliminating a limiting belief I had been having for a very long time.  Ms. Robles used a variety of tools and techniques. As she provided me with clarity in reaching the core of the problem, I realized my behavior patterns and beliefs that were keeping me stuck. She established tools that I could use to replace and remodel my unhealthy thoughts and patterns of behavior. She did this while establishing rapport with me in a loving and tender way. I was truly amazed that after so many years of struggling with this issue it was changed in one session.  I felt freer and lighter. I also felt that I could tackle whatever obstacle came my way. I felt empowered and equipped to confront tasks head on. Ms. Robles also took me through an exercise called future pacing. In this process, I was taken through a type of mental Imagery, it was a powerful way to anchor, connect the changes and my own resources to future situations.  Ms. Robles used this to ensure that the changes were available to me outside in the everyday world as I return to my daily life and routine. I would recommend having a session with here to get to the root of what is holding you back in life and in succeeding. She really brought out a new version of me. So very grateful. Thank you. “