“I really enjoyed working through this Tarot Journal Workbook. This book gave me so much insight, not just on the Tarot but on the importance of journaling. I originally purchased this book to understand the connection of Tarot readings and journaling, but I came away with so much more. I now understand that I need to begin with myself, what the cards have to tell me, how I can put closure on past discrepancies that have never been closed in my life. While reading this book it felt more like I found a therapist, one that was surely needed. I recommend this book to anyone that would like to understand the reason and importance to journal through Tarot readings, but also for people that need answers in their own life. This book was an amazing journey! I really enjoyed the general reading for 2020 because it set the stage for what lies ahead. I also enjoyed the journal prompts. The journal prompts really made you analyze and go within to answer these questions. I have to say that I have never been taken through a journey of self-discovery while using tarot readings and writing.  Each Month and section starts with a beautiful display of the tarot Cards and the associated Crystal with that particular month. Each section addresses Love, Relationships, Career, Money, Health & Wellness. This workbook is a must have if you want to move forward , get clarity on your life goals and succeed. Thank you Meagan Robles your Tarot Journal Workbook is an amazing tool and you’re an inspiration. “